Välkommen hit!


Välkommen hit! Här finns information om bandet Jonzon:Nathan Bissettes och Kristin Borgehed! I bloggen finns information om aktuella projek , samt beskrivningar av vilka uppdrag vi erbjuder inom Konserter, Musikundervisning, Klangforskning, och Ljudteknik.


Welcome to this blog! Here is information about the band Jonzon: Nathan Bissette and Kristin Borgehed! In the blog there is information about current projects, as well as descriptions of which assignments we offer in Concerts, Music Education, Psychoacoustic Research, Sound Engineering.

When I am Laid

‘Tis the day of love! Well, love of the ground anyway…

A live performance of Henry Purcell’s Dido Lament in Urshult kryka.

Here is one of the most spectacular flaming farewells in music history. Divorce between the beloved when he fails her, and farewell on the journey between living and dead.

“Remember me, remember me, but ah! Forget my fate.”